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About Us
     Weaver Two Whitetails is a family operated farm located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeast Alabama. The farm is the culmination of a lifelong dream and over ten years of research and planning. Owner Rusty Weaver studied whitetail breeding operations throughout the United States before breaking ground on what is now one of the premiere whitetail breeding farms in the south. We are proud members of NaDefa, the North American Deer Farmers Association,  the Alabama Deer Association, and the Georgia Deer Association. Rusty Weaver currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Alabama Deer Association as Treasurer and Chairman of the Marketing Committee.

Weaver Two Whitetails is dedicated to bringing the best genetics available in the whitetail industry to Alabama. Our entire breeder herd, as well as every sire we breed with is DNA'd and on file with DNA Solutions, Inc. We use only the best proven semen available in our AI program. Careful selection of both northern and Texas bred sires helps us to keep a healthy balance in our deer herd and maximize productivity.  

While Steve and Cyndi Singleton provide the primary herd care described at right, the entire family pitches in to make Weaver Two Whitetails a success. Michelle Weaver provides invaluable support during the busy bottle feeding and breeding seasons and Mike Weaver assists with herd management throughout the year. The next generation of farmers, Alex Singleton, Tate Singleton, Michael Weaver II and Major Weaver, are already doing their part caring for fawns and studying the industry's top sires. 

Farm manager, Steve Singleton, has been responsible for the day to day operations of Weaver Two Whitetails since its inception. His vast knowledge of whitetails has been a tremendous asset in formulating both our care and breeding plans. Steve spends most of his days in the deer pens assessing health and habitat issues to ensure that our herd is in optimum condition.

Cyndi Weaver Singleton serves as fawn and breeder consultant for Weaver Two Whitetails. Her experience and research skills have placed her in high demand as a consultant to whitetail farms throughout Alabama. Cyndi specializes in designing vaccination and bottle feeding programs in addition to synchronizing does for AI. She has honed her skills under some of the industry's top professionals.
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